Eng. Wesam Ghazi Ahmed Alnahri


1 About Me


I am a cum laude (NYIT) mechanical engineer eager to improve myself and my environment by applying my knowledge and expertise. My main goal is being able to enhance the quality of technology to help my workplace reach its peak self-sufficiency and sustainability. Although I know that nothing is perfect, I strive to provide work that is as close as possible to perfection according to engineering standards by ensuring safety and extra precautions have been met. I have experience in communicating with people from different backgrounds since I have studied in Canada and USA in three different institutions.


2 Education


Bachelor of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering
New York Institute of Technology, New York, USA.
Graduated Dec 2019 with cumulative GPA of 3.80 out of 4.0

Diploma in Engineering
Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada.
Graduated Aug 2016 with cumulative GPA of 3.28 out of 4.3

University Pathway Program: English as a Second Language
Canadian Language Learning College, Halifax, NS, Canada.
Graduated Jan 2014 with cumulative score of 93.38%

High School Diploma in Natural Sciences
Jeel Aljazera High School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Graduated Jun 2012 with cumulative score of 90.29%


3 Experience


General Mechanical Engineer


from Jun 2019 to present


Database Manager

Ahmed Mahmoud Abdulraouf Naji’s EST

from Jan 2014 to Apr 2014


Food Service Manager

RAZ Trading Company

from Sep 2012 to Oct 2012



United Electronics Company – eXtra

from Jul 2012 to Aug 2012





Graduated Bachelor of Engineering with Cum Laude distinction from New York Institute of Technology.

Received the Gottleib Koenig Achievement Award from New York Institute of Technology (This award is presented to a graduating senior with a high academic average in Mechanical Engineering and a record of service to the College and/ or the outside community.).

Named in the Presidential Honor List of New York Institute of Technology for Fall & Spring 2019.

Received Academic Excellence Award in Effective Writing among 400+ students from University of Windsor.

Recognized in second year interdisciplinary team design for creating anemometer from Dalhousie University.

Pass with Honors the University Pathway Program from Canadian Language Learning College.


5 Software


Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Programming: MATLAB, C/C++.

Computer Aided Design: SolidWorks, CATIA, AutoCAD.

Simulation: LabView, SimuLink


6 Skills


Problem solving: I have used engineering skills such as mathematical tools (differentiation, integration, mathematical modelling, and statistics) and computer tools (programming, simulation, designing).

Writing: I have created many technical, experimental, and research reports. Moreover, I have been awarded as from the top 1% in effective writing among 400+ class.

Teamwork & Communication: I have taken more than 15 courses which are team-oriented and the team-members are usually from different backgrounds.

Data Analysis: I have used spreadsheets, programming, mathematics, and statistics to make sense of data.

Willingness to Learn: I am always willing to expand my knowledge and adapt more effective methods or skills to handle tasks.

Working Under Pressure: I have managed to take more than six courses in the same semester twice with a term GPA of 3.51 with 6 courses and 3.74 with 7 courses.

Languages: my native tongue is Arabic and I have studied in English-speaking countries for 6 years.


7 Standardized Tests


General Aptitude Test for University Graduates: 93

Cognitive Aptitude Test: 92

General Aptitude Test for High School Graduates: 87


• Reading: 18             • Speaking: 23             • Writing: 25             • Listening: 25


8 Sample of My Work


VibGen, Vibration to Electricity (Capstone Design)

We built a linear generator from scratch in order to convert motion due to waves and tides into electricity. The generator was built using available laboratory resources: copper wiring, magnets, 3D printing, and wood. The generated electricity is then used to power sensors on a buoy system.


Design of a Subsonic Jet Transport Airplane

Using the information of a flight such as number of passengers and crew members as well as environmental conditions, I found all parameters to fully design a commercial plane such as number of seats, wings lengths, wall thickness as well as necessary fuel and baggage capacity… etc according to the Federal Aviation Regulations 25 (FAR 25).


Kinematic Analysis

I analyzed the motion of a typical mechanical gas pedal system in a car via breaking down the bar linkage mechanism. The mechanism was also modeled in 3D in SolidWorks as well as analyzed using “Motion Analysis” tools.


Gear Train Analysis

I analyzed the motion of a typical 6 speeds gear of a manual car using the mechanism of planetary gears to increase or decrease the output (wheels) speed according to input (engine) speed.


Stress and Motion Analysis

I analyzed the motion and associated stresses of a scissor lift (elevator) for people with a wheelchair in order to help them get into busses safely. The analysis included choosing the material (based on yield stress), dimensions (based on largest wheelchairs in the market) and motor (based on weight and speed) of the lift while minimizing the weight of the lift and keeping a safety factor of 3.


Analysis for Vibration and System Dynamics

We determined the appropriate spring to be using a a car suspension system to keep angular and linear motion of the car below specific values based on car’s weight, engine’s weight and engine’s torque. the issue was solved using mathematical modeling then was simulated using Simulink in MATLAB.


Analysis of a Gas Turbine Engine

Given the chemical compounds of a fuel blend, inlet conditions and pressure ratio, I found the efficiency of a gas turbine engine using the lower heating value LHV of the chemical reaction. Moreover, the efficiency was also found using table data which represents idealized conditions.


Analysis and Conceptual Design of a Single-Reheat Steam Power Plant

I found the optimal reheat pressure of a single stage reheat steam power plant with non-ideal pump and turbines using MATLAB and numerical analysis in order to maximize the efficiency of the power plant.


Heat Exchanger Experiment

We compared parallel and counterflow heat exchangers with different flows in order to find the best configuration to maximize the heat recovery.


Heat Transfer Experiment

We conducted experiments to verify the equations of conduction, convection, and radiation. We used both transient and steady conduction.


Rankine Power Plant

I analyzed a Rankine power plant in order to find its efficiency as well as the boiler’s and turbine’s efficiencies.


Uniaxial Tensile Test and Hardness Experiments

After conducting an experiment on steel and aluminum to failure, I treated the data of force and displacement to find the ultimate and yield stress of both materials. Moreover, we found both Rockwell and Brinell hardness of the materials.


Canada Anthem Project

Creating an electric instrument to play the first 4 notes of the Canadian Anthem using Arduino.


The Significance of Love

I researched the effects of the feeling of love or lack thereof on humans both biologically and psychologically while defining it from both standpoints. I researched what happens in the brain and the hormones when we love or get rejected in love. I also proposed that love is an essential factor for curing diseases.



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